LIP-SYNC York and HLGBT York Productions present the Lydia Shaw and Tina Mammoser exhibition and accompanying LGBT music event at the John Cooper Theatre, 41 Monkgate, York, on February 11.

Lydia’s work explores the realms of gender, confidence and sexuality, focusing predominantly on the female form while toying with the idea of what lies beneath, while Tina is inspired by landscapes. "I create precise drawings with a creative and changed reality in the line and pattern, and as I work between the contrasts of paint and pencil the art evolves," she says.

Comedian and writer Matt Stalls, of Lip-Sync York, will present the music, along with works performed by LGBT individuals, at an evening co-managed by HLGBT York's Alice Wilson and creative director Mei Wilshire. HLGBT York – the acronym stands for Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender – is a production management company that provides a performance art space for LGBT artists in Yorkshire.

"HLGBT is committed to pushing the boundaries of contemporary performing arts by organising performances to showcase the very best talent around," says Alice. "The performances are for everyone and are designed to introduce you to LGBT art and artists."

Tickets for February 11 cost £7 at or on the door from 7pm. The event forms part of York's LGBT History Month.