O BROTHER, where's thy art? The answer is at the Blue Tree Gallery in York.

Paolo Lazzerini, the internationally exhibited brother of the Bootham gallery's Italian artist in residence, Giuliana Lazzerini, is making his British debut in a show entitled Paolo Lazzerini And His Tuscany.

Paolo was born in the beautiful Tuscan town of Pietrasant, attended the Liceo Artistico and graduated in painting from the Accademia delle Belli Arte di Carrara. From these early days, he distinguished himself in numerous competitions and exhibitions, capturing the attention of art critics and collectors.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Paolo exhibited in Forte Dei Marmi and Turin and at the Accademia Di Santo Cecillia in Rome and his paintings were in permanent exhibition at Gallery 2000 in Tokyo. In the 1990s, his work was shown in various German galleries in solo and mixed exhibition; today, his paintings are in international galleries and many private collections. For years, he has been active in the graphics sector but he continues to paint and experiment with new and interesting techniques.

York Press: New Artist - New Paintings at the blue tree gallery - York

Tuscany, by Paolo Lazzerini

"The things that unifies all Paolo Lazzerini’s painting is the capacity to communicate emotions, painting the landscape and the atmosphere of his land in a surreal manner, playing with extraordinary light, form and colour," says Blue Tree Gallery's Gordon Giarchi. "At the end of last year, his paintings were selected for an exhibition with with 100 international artists: the second Biennale del senso della materia in the Lazio region of Italy."

Paolo is exhibiting alongside the regular Blue Tree artists and makers until mid-March. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5.30pm.