Yorkshire born Margaret Clarkson, a finalist for a number of years, in the Fine Art Trade Guild ‘Best Selling Artist’, returns to Fast Frame Gallery on Gillygate,York, on Saturday August 9th.

Margaret has certainly been one of Fast Frames Gallery best selling artist since she first supplied her nostalgic watercolour limited edition prints to them over twenty years ago. Fast Frame has now become one of the largest stockists of her work. They have, over the years built up a strong relationship with collectors of her work, most of whom will be invited to meet up with her again.

This year however, throughout her day at the Fast Frame Gallery, she will be showing visitors how she begins to create a picture from an initial idea, based on her childhood during the 1940s/50s, through to the finished image, before being put into print.

“I think the reason the paintings are so popular is they bring back happy memories. They were labour intensive days but they were somehow safer and more secure. There wasn’t the materialism that we have now and people seemed happy with a simple life” was the reason Margaret gave for her success.

Her Limited Edition print ‘York Races’ is still very popular with local people, collectors of Margaret’s work and the many tourists who visit York throughout the year. Her most recent print “Watch the Birdie’ is so reminiscent of the promenade photographers who were around at most seaside resorts throughout the post-war years

Margaret is looking forward to her visit to Fast Frame Gallery on August 9th. “This is very important to me, meeting gallery owners and especially talking to the people who enjoy my work” she said.