DAVE Spikey prescribed two hours of laughter to captivate the packed Grand Opera House.

With a humour similar to that of Peter Kay - not surprising as they co-wrote Phoenix Nights - he showed Sunday night's audience that humour lies in the antics of everyday life. His impressions of the "slip and trip" adverts, Jeremy Kyle and "dobbers" had the whole audience, which was a good mix of age groups and backgrounds, in hysterics.

Our faith in the NHS decreased over the course of the evening as he told us stories of his past profession. He was quick to reinforce the stereotype of the ditzy nurse, telling one story in particular where a nurse co-worker got third degree burns after pole dancing around an outdoor heater. He happily acquainted the audience with doctor's slang; the audience were shocked to learn that "tube" apparently means "totally unnecessary breast examination".

The Bolton comedian engaged with the audience by running a pub quiz while pointing out the many lyrics to famous songs that didn't make sense. Spikey used quick wit to successfully work the crowd. If, as his dad said, laughter is the best medicine, Spikey is a great doctor.

- Amy Davies