GEORGE Egg has a new cookery and comedy show hotting up now that he has worked his way through the contents of his hotel room and minibar in his Anarchist Cook travels.

Expect power tools, gardening equipment and office supplies to be abused and re-purposed this time in DIY Chef after George's doctor told him he needed to rethink his culinary habits.

As a result of this advice, his family have banned him from using the kitchen, banishing him to the shed instead. George, however, must keep cooking, his unstoppable urge to be creative leading to inventive solutions and seriously tasty food in a brand new show that aptly plays The Shed, in Parliament Street, York, on Wednesday night in his Great Yorkshire Fringe debut.

"I've had friends recommending me to do this festival, so I'm here for the first time," says George, whose Anarchist Cook show did the rounds in 2015 and 2016, selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe and on tour.

York Press:

Tools at the ready: George Egg prepares to cook in a shed in the poster for DIY Chef

"The new show is sort of there now; it's been a work in progress since earlier in the year and I'm 'off paper' now. Initially it was a lot longer, which is a far better position to be in, as you can cut it tighten it up, and I've done that."

DIY Chef, a cross between a stand-up comedy set and an illustrated lecture, has evolved from Anarchist Cook, wherein George offered a guide to how to cook in a hotel room, using the iron, trouser press, hair dryer, heated towel rail, kettle, contents of the minibar and the complimentary tea, coffee and biscuit supplies.

"Last time, for example, I made a tiramisu from the little cream container, hot chocolate. coffee, sugar and biscuits," he recalls. "Now, after being given a talking-to by my doctor about my lifestyle, I'm not allowed to cook in the house anymore, which means I have to improvise with the tools of the shed, all in an hour, so it's a bit Heath Robinson/Wallace & Gromit.

"I'll be repurposing tools like a wallpaper steamer, or making pesto with a hand-powered paper shredder; you can make beautiful linguine in a paper shredder too, and you can use a plumber's blow torch in a shovel to cook the perfect steak. It's better steak than you could do on a hob."

And if the proof of the DIY pudding is in the eating, the audience has the chance to taste the food George cooks on the night. "At your own risk!" he adds.

York Press:

Iron Man: George Egg with his unconventional choice of culinary equipment in his first cookery and comedy show, Anarchist Cook

George Egg has not trained as a chef. "Not at all, but I've been into cooking as long as I've been a comedian, which is 20 years, though it's only in the last few years I've combined my two passions. In fact if I wasn't a comedian, I'd open a café or something," he says.

Meanwhile, George is in talks with a publisher with a view to writing a George Egg cookbook, and he has an "embryonic idea" for a third inspiration for a live show after the hotel room and the shed. "It could be cooking in a vehicle, because there are lots of different ways of cooking in a vehicle, not just under the bonnet," he says.

"There were also two occasions when I was doing the Anarchist Cook show where I met people who cooked in prisons. I've bought a few books about prison cooking, with methods of cooking without sharp objects or even tin openers, so that's another opportunity that lends itself to improvised, inventive ways of cooking."

Great Yorkshire Fringe presents George Egg – DIY Chef, The Shed, Parliament Street, York, Wednesday at 8.30pm. Box office: