A YORK resident has claimed people will be imprisoned in their streets when the Tour de Yorkshire comes through the city next month.

Keith Woodland, from Heworth, has hit out at City of York Council and the organisers of the three-day cycle race which will see stage two finish in York on Saturday, May 2, after two laps of the city.

Mr Woodland lives in Galtres Road, off Stockton Lane – a route the men and women cyclists will go down a total of six times.

He said: “We will effectively be imprisoned for nine hours, at least, on the Saturday. No thought seems to have gone into it.

“What access is there for carers and the emergency services?

“I don’t see that there is a lot in it for the ordinary people who will be trapped in this circle.

Why do we pay them to ride on our roads?

“The idea that we need bread and circuses to get people into York is a joke.”

Mr Woodland feels that the city council should not have hosted the race after it overspent by £60,000 on last year’s Tour de France.

“You would think the council would have learnt a lesson and kept a low profile,” he said. “There is a lack of thought for the people who live here and pay their way. I spoke to five or six of my neighbours yesterday and not one of them was in favour.

People will say I am being anti-cyclist, but I am not.

“Thirty years ago, I used to cycle ten miles each way to work.”

Tony Clarke, head of transport planning a York council, said: “Due to the nature of the Tour de Yorkshire and the women’s race before it, road closures are necessary to ensure a safe event for both the riders and spectators.

“We have worked hard to minimise disruption to residents but some people in the city will be affected on May 2.

“All areas will be accessible on foot and by bicycle during the day and many city bus services will continue to run unaffected or to one of the two bus hubs, at the train station and Barbican. Residents who need to use their cars are asked to find an alternative parking arrangement outside the route.

“Residents with medical or care issues should contact tour@york.gov.uk and the council will work with them to address concerns.”

For details on travelling around York visit www.itravelyork.info