In a series of in-depth reports, Gavin Aitchison looks at HIV in Kenya and visits the projects helping sufferers to fight back against the virus.

KENYA: The long road ahead

York Press: Children run after a vehicle

9:00am Monday 31st October 2011

THREE decades ago, the discovery of HIV sent shockwaves through the world. But while awareness has risen here, the virus continues to cause devastation in Africa.

The motorbike of hope

York Press: Rogers Ochieng Otieno on his motorbike

9:00am Monday 31st October 2011

ON an unforgiving dirt track, a motorbike roars through the mud - ridden by an extraordinary ambassador for a life-saving initiative.

Heartache to heroism – one woman’s incredible journey

York Press: Asunta Wagura, who thought she had been given a death sentence when she was told she had Aids 23 years ago. Pictures: Tom Pilston

10:04am Monday 28th November 2011

She was given only six months to live and faced widespread persecution. But quarter of a century on, Asunta is a hero.

Boys in fight for survival

York Press: Vincent Walong and Athanas Owino light the stove for cooking at their home in Korogocho. Pictures: Tom Pilston

8:11am Wednesday 2nd November 2011

The streets are narrow, the houses small, the population vast. The whole neighbourhood covers no more than a square mile, but it has eaten up the space relentlessly.

"They have been left to die - that’s how they end up here"

York Press: Lunchtime at Kenwa childrens home,

10:00am Thursday 1st December 2011

HIV orphans and young victims are being given a second chance, at a remarkable but stretched care home. As people around the globe mark World Aids Day, GAVIN AITCHISON reports.

A Kenyan miracle: how four children survived against all odds

York Press: Jennifer with her sisters Dorcas and Helen and  brother Julius.

10:00am Thursday 1st December 2011

LOOK at her today, and all you see is contentment. But Jennifer's story is one of harrowing pain and remarkable survival.

Mercy and Valerie: Their smiles tell the story

York Press: Mary with Mercy and Valerie

10:00am Thursday 1st December 2011

Both little girls arrived at the care home weak, malnourished, and with nobody to care for them. Today, they are happy and healthy and enjoying life to the full.

STIGMA: A millstone round the neck of sufferers everywhere

York Press: STIGMA: A millstone round the neck of sufferers everywhere

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

IF the physical symptoms don’t get to you, the psychological ones easily can.

TOBIAS: "When I feel weak and my heart is terrible, I come here"

York Press: Tobias Sijenyi

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Retired farmer Tobias Sijenyi has eight children and two wives but says HIV left him lonely - until now.

MARTINA: "Please tell those people that I am grateful - and tell them the need is there for others"

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Martina's bravery was rewarded with a new house and a second chance in life.

BOOKER: "I really wanted to hide myself"

York Press: Booker Webi

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Booker says he didn't know where to start when he was diagnosed with HIV - but says he is now brave and able to talk.

CHRISTOPHER: "Their faces are shining – because they are just as okay as anyone else"

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Christopher was frustrated that so few men opened up. But he says the support for victims has been a massive help.

MICHAEL: "I did not want to embarrass her"

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

For Michael, accepting he had HIV was tough enough. Telling his wife was even more difficult.

FATUMA: "They do not have anyone else"

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

When Fatuma's daughter died, she found herself caring for her grandsons. It has been exhausting work, she says.

NAHASHON: "I thank God for this group"

York Press: Nahashon Nabwayo

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

TV comedia Nahashon Nabwayo says a bizarre accident left him with HIV - and he praises the support available.

ALICE: "I am a role model... I feel so proud"

York Press: Alice Atieno

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Alice was diagnosed with HIV but prides herself on how she bounced back.

CHRISTOPHER: "It's bigger than any other disease"

York Press: Christopher Ongwen

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Christopher has had HIV for 15 years, but refuses to let life be ruined by the virus.

JARED: "Some people are hard to convince"

York Press: Jared Nyabola

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Jared Nyabola says his men-only support group has helped him turn his life around.

"It has helped me be uplifted"

10:00am Monday 28th November 2011

The Kenwa support group gives vital help to women with HIV in Nairobi. Here, members say why it's so important.

CELESTINE'S STORY: "I feel I have a second chance"

York Press: Celestine

9:00am Monday 31st October 2011

Celestine has lost 15 relatives in recent years, but remains strong. She praises the support she has received.

PATRICIA'S STORY: From devastation to new-found joy

York Press: Rogers Otieno visiting Patricia

9:00am Monday 31st October 2011

Three years ago, Patricia was in an abusive relationship and had little hope. Today, she is a shining example of the power of education and positive attitude.

ALICE'S STORY: "At times I would ask God, ‘Why can’t I die rather than see what is happening to my children while I am alive?’”

York Press: Alice

9:00am Monday 5th December 2011

Alice was in the kitchen when the fire started. Her eldest son, Duncan, was reading a book, so deeply engrossed that he didn’t notice the flames. It was another son, playing outside, who raised the alarm.

York Press: Kenya

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