RAWCLIFFE Lane and Eastholme Drive are supposed to be on “recommended safe cycling routes” according to my cycle map of York published by City of York Council.

The fatal accident there on Saturday is by far not the first such incident between a cyclist (lulled into a false sense of security by such recommendation?) and a car (many of whose drivers use the route as a rat-run, as do drivers of HGV lorries on this stretch of road.

What is needed is:

a) A 20mph speed limit along all such recommended roads

b) Cycle-friendly chicanes to enforce same (where are the police traffic division when we need them?)

c) Bus gates (properly transponder activated – not just the proximity sensor as at Stonebow) to prevent all through traffic except properly authorised users) unilateral parking.

Like traffic lights and roundabouts these measures are not to improve traffic flow. They are to improve safety.

If drivers will not voluntarily slow down they must be made so to do. Or must we wait for further fatalities?

Steve Oxbrow, Lindley Road, York.