WITH reference to the article "Circus Sparks Animal Protests" (The Press, July 27), before one gets high blood pressure from this protest by well-meaning animal welfare campaigners, could they not direct their attention to countries such as China, Russia and, in some cases, Spain and other European quarters?

We are not in the same category as the circus maximus in Roman times. Bear-baiting was legislated against in the 19th century and improvements have been made since with regard to animal cruelty.

Where in relation to animal welfare should we direct our attention? To horse and dog racing? To dog shows, where some owners go to extremes to display their animals?

Animals, in particular horses and dogs, who in the wild normally run with a pack, need a leader for companionship, love and discipline. Their natural abilities and instincts have been in partnership with human beings since time began. If your animals are well looked after, you are the leader of the pack in sickness and in health and probably better for it.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Way, Huntington, York.