WHY, when folk who are with one of the big six energy companies are notified of impending price hikes, don’t they switch to one of the many smaller, cheaper companies?

If they all did this, wouldn’t the six be in a pickle.

Don’t opt for a standard tariff, never be put on a standard tariff.

I have been with an excellent small company with an 18-month dated contract that terminates at the end of September.

The total fuel bill for my 1,400 sq ft bungalow over a 12-month period was £690.

They have raised their kWh unit tariffs, so I have switched to another small company, Octopus Energy, who have similar unit tariffs to my old supplier, but whose meter standing charges (don’t forget about these) are a lot lower, meaning a saving of around a winter’s month energy cost.

I read of folk making annual savings of a £100 to more than £1,000 by switching supplier.

That’s savings, so goodness knows what they’re paying a month.

Mike Harrison, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York