HAVING recently attended the York Central consultation event, it is clear the process is at best fundamentally flawed.

I gave serious consideration to not responding as doing so may be interpreted as legitimising the process.

There has been no meaningful consultation - even at the poorly publicised events, feedback forms were not distributed. Instead of Arup employees justifying their presentation, they may have been better employed distributing door-to-door the boxes of forms so everyone in the community was given an opportunity to contribute.

It is similarly difficult to find how to access the online consultation.

It is insulting to ask the community to comment on the merits of an access route to something for which there is no vision or masterplan.

City of York Council and its partners have a unique opportunity to be innovators and lead the way for a sustainable development that will benefit its citizens and businesses.

York could provide a visionary model for other towns and cities if it is sufficiently brave to place the health and well-being of the community at its forefront.

Carol Dunk, Holgate Road, York