IT is great to see George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse finally taking shape in York in the form of the Spark complex.

A few rusty shipping containers that will be used for a handful of bearded hipsters to design craft-beer bottle labels on their powerful Macs and to cook and sell over-priced rabbit food to corporates who visit their second home in York at the weekend.

Back in the day these so-called “championed hipster entrepreneurs” were without beards and ghastly tattoos, grafting in a real northern powerhouse; churning out chocolates by the barrel, train carriages like no tomorrow, portable buildings.

Hundreds were stationed at the British Rail depot in Leeman Road and many more working down the pits in and about Selby.

And don’t forget that back then they could actually afford to buy a nice house in York on their modest income and live a fruitful life.

Thanks George for the five jobs created by the Spark project, here’s to an exciting, prosperous future.

Adam Fisher, Rawcliffe, York