QUITE often I walk along the River Foss from the bridge at Palmer Street along Foss Islands Road to the junction with Jewbury and usually like to look into the water to see how many fish and ducks and geese I can spot.

The one thing I have seen which is upsetting is the amount of waste which lies on top of the water’s surface.

I have been doing this walk for some time now and the number of tin cans and plastic bottles and the like is incredible.

I counted 45 such items this week and also along this stretch of water was a half submerged canoe type thing and also a football and cricket bat.

It is totally unacceptable and shows how lazy people really are in rather than saving their personal rubbish in a bag and disposing of it as it should be in council bins or taking it home, they just dump it at the first place available which is the river.

Is our local council planning on cleaning up the river?

It not only has a negative impact on our lives because of the aesthetic impact, it surely has an impact on the animal life that depends on the river to live.

I think we all need to do what we can to make our waterways a place not only of beauty but of safety for human and animal alike.

Sean Atkinson, Gillygate, York