LET’S generalise on cyclists as it is almost a generic problem.

Paul Hepworth (Letters, September 8) attempts to play down the real problem we have in York with cyclists blatantly flouting the rudimentary basics of the Highway Code.

While I agree it is not 100 per cent, it is certainly not a minority of cyclists who simply ignore traffic signals and either ride straight through on red or somehow think that by leaving the carriageway and riding round the signals on the path it is okay.

It is simply dangerous and it’s not just the casual cyclists who do this, I have seen many well-heeled riders with all the gear on also brazenly ignore a red signal. At least they do wear reflective clothing.

Morning and evening peak rush hours will soon be dark and the “no need for lights brigade” will be upon us again.

There should be no debate, simply fine and penalise cyclists with the same punitive measures drivers are hit with.

Andy Knowles, York