I ENJOYED A V Martin’s informative letter (The Press, September 6).

Walnut Whips were one of my multiple only weaknesses in my youth and I’ve been interested in health foods ever since.

My family in the 1950s did refer to this cone of plenty as “Whipped Cream Walnut”. (Oops, I nearly said “Whipped Cream Walmgate”).

They were a real treat, encountered only occasionally, which made them all the more special in my eyes (and mouth and stomach).

Was the word “whirl” ever included in the description or title of this mini chocolate volcano with its moreish lava or was that a different product altogether?

I hope we’ll see more potted confectionery biographies as succinct and succulent as “The long history of the Walnut Whip”.

Then perhaps some of us more sweet-toothed Press readers can in future read rather than eat, relying on memories to evoke the scrumptiousness of the actual delicacy? A healthy option.

Little chance of that working so an experiment doomed to failure.

I know I shouldn’t, but those Maltesers (other spherical sweets also available) look so tempting so just the one...

PS I would dearly like to learn more about custard creams.

Derek Reed, Middlethorpe Drive, York