TWO items were highlighted in a recent Way We Were by Odele Ayres in The Press.

In the 85 years ago section, there were concerns when Selby Urban Council announced 24 council houses recently built were occupied, however 300 additional houses were still required. Nothing changes.

Secondly, increased temperatures were recorded in York, as high as 80 degrees in August 1932.

I remember during my infancy in York and later working in London in the 1960s almost unbearable heat.

Even in prehistoric times, when motor vehicle emissions and factories were not belching out noxious fumes, that did not prevent the extinction of reptiles.

There are reports by boffins that the polar ice caps are going through a transitional period, one melting and another freezing over.

Nature will always have the last word when dictating our fate for years to come.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York