HAVING lived in York all my life and seen Coney Street move from being a vibrant retail street to what it is now could have been prevented.

It was always said that building big out of town retail units would affect York city centre and today the proof is there.

With the designer outlet, Monks Cross and now Vangarde having the hold on a lot of the quality brands, there is not much scope for York centre.

Which new retailers are going to be attracted to Coney Street now as it is looking very run down?

To prove my point the only new unit attracted is another cafe/takeaway selling doughnuts.

Come on City of York Council, maybe start reducing business rents/rates for traders so our long-term retailers like Burgins, Wallis and now Dorothy Perkins have a chance.

It is not long either since Mulberry Hall in Stonegate closed and, yes, that now houses two restaurants.

York is for residents not just for visitors.

Let’s make the centre attractive again to shoppers.

Maybe take an example from Harrogate as they seem to have the right balance.

As for the shipping containers moving into Piccadilly, I am now lost for words.

Julia Sykes, Bishopthorpe, York