LIKE Ken Walker (Letters, March 16), I have happy memories of playing for York RUFC at Hob Moor in the 1960s.

I have no recollection of it being called Cow Pat Stadium, Mud Stadium more like.

There was a large communal concrete bath so high you had to climb over it, leaving mud on the wall - mud you smeared back on when climbing out. There was singing in the tub, which is probably not possible‎ today when ‘elf and safety would frown on a shared bath.

I remember Reg Coultas taking elocution lessons and sounding very posh, “I say”, and Sid Leeder was a fine RAF no-nonsense referee with a pukka handlebar moustache.

Most of all I recall club legend Don Butler singing Eskimo Nell and often in deshabille (I think that means no gear on). I have told Don I still think the selectors were wrong for dropping my pal Fred Cuniffe for setting fire to the piano.

Clifton Park is poor by comparison!

John Zimnoch, Osbaldwick, York