AFTER my last letter defending the House of Lords, several replies have asked: do they have a right to block the Commons?

In response I give you the Brexit Bill. Passed without amendments and on time. If only the Lords ran a train service.

They gave their advice then demonstrated they were wise enough to back down when necessary.

I ask, would you like judges to be elected?

How about police officers, senior civil servants or even the monarch?

No, our system has the best of both worlds where nothing happens without the elected members’ consent, carefully tempered by non-elected Lords there to advise.

Refine the Lords by all means, I’d like to see a seat awarded to Sgt Blackman for starters to lecture the next Blair about the true reality and cost of running a war.

What we have discovered is who the real people trying to block the result of June 23 are, the Liberal Democrats hoping to use remain voters to resurrect their party and the SNP seeking to break up the United Kingdom.

Don’t take the bait of those seeking to divide and rule. We are all British now, sink or swim we shall do it together.

Dr Scott Marmion, Woodthorpe, York