I AM 74-years-old and I remember as a young child flooding in York right up Holgate Road on the way to Acomb.

Walking with my mother into town, a soldier carried me across the road on thick planks of wood near the Fox Inn. Then he helped my mother across the road.

The council always had the help of the soldiers in York if need be.

We are a garrison city.

Even Roman soldiers liked York and our Viking ancestors etc.

The Ministry of Defence just want rid of the Army, like they did with the RAF camps so they can save money.

How about the defence of our cities?

My dad fought in the Second World War in the TAs twice. My ex-husband was in the RAF and TA.

I’ve worked on RAF camps as a civilian.

The MoD don’t show respect for anyone.

Mrs F A Teesdale, Fulford, York