IT is about time that Paul Hepworth (Letters, March 15) locked his bike in the shed, took a week off work and spent it walking round York on both sides of the city walls.

He might then understand the complaints about cyclists.

Cyclists of all types and ages flout the law.

One day this week in the space of 10 minutes I saw three separate cyclists on the pavement, two of whom came up behind me at speed.

Yes, I know, drivers break the law too.

I regularly cross the road at Walmgate Bar and vehicle after vehicle comes round when the lights have changed to red and the green man has come on.

But vehicles are not coming up behind pedestrians at high speed on the pavement with barely an inch to spare.

When it’s dark many cyclists are are unlit and almost invisible to other road users.

Ironically some of these cyclists are wearing helmets for protection; pedestrians have no such protection.

So Paul, take off your blinkers and take to the pavements.

Elizabeth Hardcastle, Thief Lane, York