WHENEVER I hear “the people have decided”, or words to that effect, it angers me and this is not comparable to not accepting the result of an election.

If one’s party loses an election one has the chance, five years later, to vote again.

Also parties have a detailed mandate for elections which they are held to as far as possible.

This Government, unelected and with a “mandate” which consisted of one word, “Leave”, has found that out as they have to stick to the mandate on which their party, but not this Government, was elected.

Almost half of those who voted in the EU referendum wanted to Remain, well over half made that choice in this lovely city.

The consequences of leaving the EU, good or bad, will affect us, our children, our grandchildren.

Will this administration continue to say that this is what the people wanted?

I think they will, though what did “the people” want?

Rose Berl, Vine Street, York