LABOUR councillor Danny Myers makes some unfair comments about Cllr Carol Runciman’s campaigning against NHS cuts in the York area (Letters, March 13).

Cllr Myers suggests that Cllr Runciman look at Vale of York CCG to see how unsuccessful the Health and Social Care Act has been.

He knows that she was commenting specifically on the relative severity of the cuts in York compared with other parts of the country.

The Liberal Democrats are not responsible for the performance of individual CCGs and it is ridiculous to suggest that they are.

It is also wrong to state, as Cllr Myers does, that most of the reasons for the current cuts in health and social care place the Lib Dems centre stage.

It was the Conservative Party which introduced the Health and Social Care Act which in its original form was a charter for privatisation; it only gained Lib Dem support after 100 amendments to make it more accountable.

Neither is it any coincidence that the crisis in the NHS has worsened considerably since the Conservatives won a majority.

It may suit Labour to portray the Lib Dems as enthusiastic supporters of austerity but in fact they reined in many of the Conservatives’ worst instincts with regard to public spending cuts.

For all his supposed concern about health cuts, Cllr Myers must realise that if Theresa May drives through the hard Brexit which his party supports, the NHS could end up fighting for its very existence.

Richard Brown, Horseman Avenue, Copmanthorpe, York