I AM writing in response to Mrs Frost’s letter about “the real meaning of Christmas is lost” because of the use of ‘Xmas’ not ‘Christmas’ in our Xmas Presence event (Letters, October 28).

I’ll not go into detail, but the Greek word ‘Christos’ has the first letter X hailing back many centuries.

I don’t believe that how we have spelt it has any impact on what an amazing group of people are doing - helping older people who live alone, preventing loneliness and giving a sense of belonging and togetherness at a time of the year that is a harsh magnifying glass for many, whether it’s with a ‘C’ or an ‘X’.

I believe that actions speak louder than words so all of our team who are all volunteers at Xmas Presence would love to have Mrs Frost as our guest on December 25.

Or even better to have her roll her sleeves up and help wash up for these older people who live alone, be they Christians, agnostics, aethiests or whatever their faith.

We neither ask nor judge those who join us or help out.

Last time I looked we are all made of the same bits.

Perhaps we should all remember this instead of focusing on any differences we have.

I wonder what Jesus would think of Xmas Presence?

I can’t help thinking he wouldn’t mind us helping those most in need on his birthday. Tis the season to be jolly?

Best wishes.

Ian Donaghy and the Xmas Presence team