I AM a parent with two young children, my youngest being five months old.

I get the number one bus every day into Acomb to take my oldest daughter to nursery.

For the past couple of weeks I've had a few run-ins with the elderly over my pushchair, them not wanting to move or moaning about the pushchair.

Can I just say, pushchairs are for a purpose, we have to use them, Buses have catered for pushchair and wheelchair users, that's why buses lower and there are spaces for them.

Can the elderly please stop tutting and moaning about them. What happened years ago when they had children or were disabled? Did they not travel?

We pay our fares and taxes just like everyone else, so we are entitled to travel, with peace, instead of arguing or having an elderly person moan about the use of pushchair and wheelchair users.

N Eastwood, Chapelfields, Acomb, York.