EVEN Councillor James Alexander must be concerned by fellow Labour party members opposing his policies. Richard Bridge and Colin Hall are leading Labour activists and their letters on the Labour cabinet are doubly damning. Colin’s words on Cllr David Levene of “how out of touch with ordinary people trying to make ends meet can a Labour cabinet member get?” say it all.

On Lendal Bridge, I am pleased to see Richard and Colin echo the Conservative group’s call-in for all fines to be refunded.

I sat on the call-in and still cannot understand how it can be fair to only refund those that contact the council. However after the decision session, Labour councillors Barnes, King, Potter, Burton and Horton, who opposed all automatic refunds, have been silent.

Rather than the usual Labour councillor behaviour of talking over other people at meetings perhaps one of them will explain to The Press readers why they oppose refunding all people – or perhaps they could ask the Fairness Commission for their thoughts?

Councillor Paul S. Healey, Rural West York ward, City of York Council.