I WAS wondering what has happened to the Henry Moore reclining bronze sculpture that preceded that of Constantine at the side of the Minster.

It would be good to see it once again in some prominent position since York is sadly lacking in good public art.

I’d suggest the Museum Gardens is a place of gently undulation since Moore often had landscape (and a specific one at that) in mind when creating these pieces.

On a more esoteric subject earlier touched on, King’s Square paving – terrible.

Surface pattern creating an illusion on the horizontal – relief and texture on the vertical (ie the buildings) – result optical chaos.

You can tell the flooring was designed by computer rather than grown organically through history. I thought it was the old stuff the tourists came to see or does the council want to lose the distinction between road and pavement in order to put more tables, chairs, stalls and other commercial debris on it?

G Martin, The Groves, York.