COUNCILLOR James Alexander’s letter of August 30 was his usual concoction of distorted quotes from years ago as he showed the only football he cares about on the Community Stadium is a political one.

From watching York City beat Man United and Everton in the League Cup, games as a ball boy (a police officer giving me permission to throw an inflatable banana back into the Longhurst Stand being a favourite memory), charging on to the Knights pitch to get Tawera Nikau’s autograph (I could charge in those days) to watching the opening Knights game this year through a corporate ticket for the first time, I have always been concerned for our local teams.

I believe Cllr Alexander still only watches our teams when they play at Wembley. He falsely says that under the Conservatives the Community Stadium wouldn’t have happened. We have never opposed it per se.

However, as official opposition we have and will continue to ask searching questions, especially about its financing.

I advise Cllr Alexander to contemplate the words of former US president Truman: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

Councillor Chris Steward, York Conservative group leader, City of York Council. Councillor for Rural West York.