HOPEFULLY, the revulsion felt by the public over the exposure of the child sex abuse and attempted cover-up in Rotherham and elsewhere, will force the authorities to act quickly and decisively using all the legal powers at their disposal.

Pussyfooting with political correctness by the police and council officials in positions of responsibility has allowed this horror to happen, continue, and give the guilty a feeling of invincibility.

Never again must we hear the authorities saying: “Lessons have been learnt and will continue to be learnt.”

The decency and moral rectitude of our country is being swept away by those with the power over us who put their jobs, their political convictions, and their limpet-like hold on power, as they all put their personal agendas before the wellbeing of their countrymen,women and children.

Proud to be British? I was once.

Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington, York.