THE bold suggestion by Christian Vassie about bringing trams back to York is praiseworthy.

UK cities which have adopted this have seen a significant drop in demand for private car access. Tram-train hybrids are set to be trialled between Rotherham and Sheffield.

These will use Network Rail tracks for much of their journey, but returning to the street at either end.

Might this concept be extended to Haxby-York with trams terminating at the former Hull bay platform, at the station’s north end? A similar link from the York to Harrogate line could be routed via the York Central development site.

I was pleased to note the positive responses from most politicians. Predictably the Tories seized the opportunity to criticise the current administration’s perceived “anti-car” policy.

Defending the “right” to drive anywhere at any time will bring gridlock to our city sooner rather than later. Our finite road space must be prioritised for its most efficient users, and for those who genuinely have no alternative. This includes those with heavy loads and blue badge holders.

York’s iTravel website at has helpful advice for all travel choices. The local transport plan seeks to create further reductions in car dependency. Some councillors conveniently forget this as elections loom.

Paul Hepworth, Windmill Rise, York.