CONGRATS for your supplement on the outstanding achievements obtained by the York College and students in 2014.

The Ofsted report is superb and the overall A-level pass rate of 99.6 per cent and 100 per cent pass rate in 38 A-level subjects, speaks for itself.

I have had a number of grandchildren who have passed through York College and without exception all have done well.

As chairman of the successful Stamford Bridge in Bloom team who obtained two gold awards in the 2013 Yorkshire in Bloom awards, I must place on record how we have appreciated the support given to us by the students who built the magnificent Viking longship which adorns our main village area.

This year the students are involved in our exciting new project to convert the old station platform to its original state.

Well done to all concerned at York College.

Bryan Lawson, Burton Fields Road, Stamford Bridge, York.