WHILE it is understandable that people like what they are used to, I must write to disagree with correspondents begging for the return of Barry Parker on BBC Radio York.

As someone who spent many years away from York forced to rely on radio commentary, I spent a lot of time with Barry and Sharon.

On the former, Tim Steere is a huge improvement. He is clear, articulate, and tracks the game well. You are always clear who has the ball and where it is, which wasn’t always the case under his predecessor.

On the latter, while Sharon Shortle was an excellent presenter and could easily be missed. I think the polished performance of David Ward has shown what a good decision the station made.

Overall the four hours on a Saturday afternoon are now more professional, and contain far greater content. It’s a change, but one which is clearly for the better.

The last time the station correctly removed Barry Parker they bowed to a minority and restored him.

I hope that this time they remember that it is easier to complain than to praise, and do not give weight to the minority that simply abhor all change.

Long may the excellent new team continue.

David Craven, York.