WOULD motorcyclists taking the A166 York and Fridaythorpe road please note that this is a public highway with a speed limit of 60mph and not a race track.

I was driving to Bridlington on the A166 on Sunday in the usual summer procession of cars, within the speed limit, and was overtaken by about 40 motorcycles, They seemed to be together as a group and wanted to stick in formation at all costs. This involved swooping, high speed passing manoeuvres, many performed within inches of the cars, which forced me and other car drivers to brake to create gaps that weren’t there in the first place.

There are numerous large signs along the route warning motorcyclists that this is a dangerous road and to be very careful, sadly all unheeded. I use this route regularly and it’s not uncommon to see motorcyclists take risks, but what I saw on Sunday was utter madness. The machines are getting faster and more capable, sadly it seems that the capabilities of the drivers to handle them with common sense is not.

Chris Plows, Brooklands, Osbaldwick, York.