Barry FURTHER to the recent letters regarding the dropping of Barry Parker and Sharon Shortle, can I add my name to the list of dissatisfied listeners regarding Radio York’s coverage of York City’s matches.

Barry has a passion for the club which is patently missing from this year’s coverage. I also find the coverage lacking in knowledge of the club’s history and worst of all I know what’s happened on the pitch before it is reported on the air from crowd reaction! The coverage seems very retrospective and does not seem to keep up with play or follow the play as closely as Barry’s did.

I note the comments in Jennifer McNallys letter (August 22) regarding the station’s response to her questions and would ask the station to explain how they are able to measure listener coverage in the first place let alone the supposed drop in listeners! This is Radio York not Radio Leeds or Radio Middlesbrough and I, for one, would like to inform the station my interest is in my local club not other clubs who have their own local coverage.

Malcolm Dove, The Paddock, York.