IN September 2013, in good faith, along with many other council taxpayers in our city, I subscribed to the additional green bin scheme for one year and paid a fee of £35.

Shortly after joining the scheme the council advised council taxpayers that for a number of weeks during the late autumn and winter they would not be collecting and emptying green bins.

This decision ignored the fact that the amount of garden waste collected by a household can be affected by seasonal variations in the weather. I am now advised by the council that my subscription is due for renewal in September.

Frankly, I have not had 12 months’ collection in return for my annual fee of £35.

Is this fair play on the part of the council, or is it further evidence of an inept bunch running our city ?

Little wonder there appears to be an increase in fly-tipping in the lanes around where I live, and ultimately we, the council taxpayers, will be contributing towards the cost of its collection.

Should I opt not to subscribe to the green bin collection in future? What is there to stop me from depositing any surplus green rubbish in my grey wheelie bin?

Ian Collinson, Longridge Lane, Nether Poppleton, York.