ONCE again we see (Letter, Mr Hayden, August 19) how the public falls foul of the council’s propaganda.

I thought the Press article to which he refers made it perfectly clear that there are 20mph zones and 20mph limits. Zones address roads where speeds exceed 20 mph and are traffic calmed (humps, etc).

Limits are for roads where traffic is already travelling at 20mph or less and both are therefore self-enforcing.

Clearly if traffic moves along his street at more than 20mph (not sure how he measures this), then it should not have been made into a 20mph limit but into a 20mph zone with humps.

Then again, the blanket 20mph limit was pushed through against the popular vote of seven to 13,000 due to a minority with vested interests. Obviously once again the council has failed by introducing the wrong system (probably also against legal advice).

M J Natt, Collision Investigations, Orchard Close, York.