APART from the well-run café and the excellent children’s play area, Rowntree Park appears to have now been abandoned and surrendered to the hordes of Canadian geese, denying pleasure to the public of this once-beautiful place.

The park is a disgrace, unhealthy, filthy and stinks. The paths and grassed areas are covered in goose excrement making them no-go areas; it is impossible to walk anywhere without treading in the filth left by these dirty creatures.

Surely the time has come for those responsible for the park to take some action and return it to what is used to be – a pleasant clean, well-kept public amenity where families could walk, play and picnic without risk of contamination.

Better still, let the minority group who encourage this appalling state of affairs go to the park and clean up the mess left by these horrible misplaced creatures. that should be removed to perhaps Clifton Ings, where they can defecate without causing a nuisance or distress to anyone.

Gerald Atkinson, The Village, Stockton on the Forest.