CAN somebody tell me why there have been so many late additions to the Local Plan after we made clear in the council survey our opposition to the original scheme?

The council asked for our views on the 22,000 homes plan, but after the survey closed foisted on us even more housing on places such as New Earswick, Huntington and Strensall.

All this involves yet more rounds of consultation, if that word truly applies. And it’s not only housing that has been increased. In the case of our village the latest addition is a 25 acre solar farm planned to the northwest of our boundary. We are already facing a possible wind farm just 500 yards to the east of us.

The council received 14,000 responses in the survey, of which the majority must have been against housing and renewable schemes on this scale. Any responsible council would have paused to take stock. After all, surveys are there to gauge public opinion.

This is not town planning; this is called making it up as you go along on the back of a fag packet.

It’s been said many times by readers that councillors are supposed to represent our views. Something has gone seriously wrong with the governance of this city.

Peter Flanagan, Holly Street Garth, Stockton-on-the-Forest, York.