NORMALLY I would be 100 per cent against Britain “interfering” in any quarrels in the Middle East. However, the ever-deepening chaos in Iraq is a totally different story.

As Britain and America are to blame for the way the country has descended into the mess it is in today we (Britain and the US) are now morally responsible for bringing some sort of order there.

Fortunately for Iraq David Cameron has promised, “There will be no [British] boots on the ground.”

The US is mounting ever-increasing aerial attacks on the fundamentalists, while RAF Tornados carry out reconnaissance missions. How long before the Tornados are carrying bombs, etc?

This combined American/British effort is surely some sort of recognition that, under the leadership of Bush and Blair, our two countries were responsible for the mess most of the Middle East has now descended into.

Whether Iraq will ever reach a semblance of the democracy Bush and Blair touted would happen after their botched Iraq War is a moot point.

As day follows day, the Arab spring seems to be turning more into the Arab winter.

Philip Roe, Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge, York.