I READ with disbelief the article of August 13 stating that since its introduction the police have not stopped a single motorist for exceeding the 20mph speed limits around York’s streets.

Is this because all motorists are totally law abiding, or is it because the police can’t be bothered?

If the police would like to make up for the lack of prosecutions over the past two years, they could position an officer with a speed gun at the bottom of Malvern Avenue which since the closure of Carr Lane has become a rat-run.

If that weren’t bad enough a lot of the motorists using Malvern Avenue as a short cut are exceeding 30mph in the 20mph zone anyway.

I appreciate that the police budget and staffing levels must be difficult to balance, but I’m sure the revenue from speeding fines would far outstrip the cost of enforcing the speed limits.

Maybe they could use one of the three extra safety camera vans to make our residential streets a bit safer.

Graham Hayden, Malvern Avenue, York.