THE letter headlined “A proper Yorker” (Letters, August 9) appears to be a comment from someone unaffected by the Local Plan.

Over the years I have seen the village of Haxby grow into a town without any extra infrastructure. We now have tailbacks going into York, not only on York Road but Wigginton Road and Strensall Road and the amount of housing proposed for these areas would bring the area to a standstill.

But that is only part of the problem. It is estimated that Haxby alone will have a population increase of around 40 per cent.

There are no proposals concerning drainage, which I have been informed is already at maximum and would require extra pumping stations to cope with the 1,550 extra houses proposed to the north of Haxby.

As far as the “thousands of new shoppers,” the ring road cannot cope with the traffic now, so where are you going to put all the extra cars and lorries? York council made a mistake with the ring road years ago and again did not listen to the local inhabitants and now try to alleviate the problem by making bigger roundabouts to stop all the tailbacks. It does not work.

The plan will affect all the people of York, not only the outlying villages.

R Stevenson, Haxby, York.