I KNOW people have a right to free speech, but I would like to know why in St Helen’s Square last week there was been a stand under a banner of “Free Palestine”.

Do these people know their history on the Middle East? There was no country called Palestine until the Romans took it away from Israel, and called it Syria Palestine, during the Jewish revolts against Rome, the emperor Hadrian displaced the Jewish people and gave the land to the Arabs.

So in fact, who are the real displaced people? Israel is the only true country where the Jewish race feel safe to live. Surrounded by hostile Arab nations, of course they are going to protect themselves. Can all the hypocritical Christians and Catholics please stand up and tell me where their faith began?

Also the hypocritical people who cry out every time there are terrorist outrages around the world, yet want to feel sorry for a terrorist organisation who use people as human shields.

M Knapton, Lowther Street, York.