TWO NEWSPAPER headlines; two stark differences; cause and effect in the making.

One highlights the tragic deaths of two medical students killed in Kuching Borneo. They appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and were killed by drug-crazed men. Headline two is all about Nick Clegg’s idea of giving free drug foil and his kid-glove approach to addicts.

Going soft on drugs is the last thing this country needs. However I do agree with Nick’s motive that prison is the wrong place for drug addicts, but a more constructive solution is surely drug therapy clinics.

But are we papering over the cracks in society? What is required is a more enlightened Government to tackle problems long term such as shrinking the huge gap between rich and poor – at an all-time high under this coalition – which would then create a more cohesive Britain. We need strong directive from the top rather than the feeble vote-catching headline.

Let’s turn despair into a more focused direction for all – not just the privileged minority.

Phil Shepherdson, Chantry Close, Woodthorpe, York.