DAVID Wilson Homes has submitted a planning application for the remainder of the Terry’s site.

Instead of a mixed-use development, it will be high-density housing. The plans submitted to the council show a series of five, six and in part seven-storey blocks fronting Campleshon Road and Bishopthorpe Road.

These are far higher than previously approved and out of scale with the housing in the area. Should these tall blocks be approved, in two years the occupants will petition the council to remove the high screen of trees. This is a scary (but likely) scenario that would completely change the quality of the neighbourhood.

Anything higher than the new four-storey timber framed block or the flats opposite the trees on Bishopthorpe Road would be very wrong. I hope that elected members will call the application in for the planning committee to properly assess its scale and long-term affect on the area.

Michael Ruane, Bishopthorpe Road, York.