THE Israelis are trying to stop terrorists firing rockets and using tunnels to attack and kill and kidnap their citizens.

It’s Hamas which is responsible for the atrocities as they use their own population as human shields, refusing to let them leave the areas of conflict and firing missiles from areas close to schools, hospitals and mosques.

Hamas has even tried to hit the nuclear power station at Dimona.

The reason the British condemnation is muted is that they know Israel is trying to deal with terrorists and protect their citizens.

If the terrorists had stopped firing missiles at Israel, there would have been no response.

The restrictions placed on Gaza were to try and reduce the attacks on Israel. Israel supplies Gaza with food, fuel, medicine and electricity even during times of conflict.

Twenty per cent of the citizens of Israel are not Jews and have exactly the same rights as Jewish citizens.

Just because there have been more casualties among the Palestinians than the Israelis does not mean the Israeli response is disproportionate.

Hamas is attempting to commit genocide. Their charter commits them to the extermination of not just Israel but the Jewish people.

Mrs J Summerfield, Bowyers Close, Copmanthorpe, York.