THE words used by Cllr Sandy Fraser “cheap, opportunistic, and nakedly party political” strongly highlight irony in a recent letter (Obscure View, Letters, August 4) in relation to the Lendal Bridge closure debate.

Others may say it is comedic. What isn’t comedic is the realisation that this fiasco actually happened, and that the taxpayer will have to cover the cost of it.

However, the words are very ironic due to the accusations of shouting down some people during the much-needed debate, and also appearing to try to obscure the facts by not giving required papers straight away. These accusations do not show the Labour contingency in a good light.

So who really are the ones who are “cheap, opportunistic, and nakedly party political”? It seems to me that this Labour contingency are solely interested in saving their own backs.

Joe Pattinson, Clifton, York.