TRACEY SIMPSON-LAING can quote council constitution and procedures as much as she likes; it does not alter the fact that the anti-fracking petition was allocated far more time than was necessary at the last council meeting in order to limit the time available for resignation calls against councillors James Alexander and Dave Merrett.

Speaker after speaker was allowed to stand up and say that fracking was bad and should be banned. There was no need for this repetition.

The deputy leader now introduces new excuses that the Guildhall lacks facilities. These previously unmentioned matters do not stand up to examination.

It used to be possible to bring in chairs and microphones for every elected member and all officers who need to be seen and heard.

It could be done again and given the motions of censure, this was just the sort of meeting that justified the use of the main hall. Then all who wished to attend could have been accommodated without the need for pre-booked tickets or being shunted into a side room with a TV monitor.

John Jones, Sand Hutton Manor, Sand Hutton, York.