ON FRIDAY evening my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful performance of Wind In The Willows at York Theatre Royal.

The stage setting and acting were simply marvellous and the back stage tour of the scenery an extra treat.

However during the performance we did not also expect to experience rain from above, as raindrops began to fall on ourselves and people in the row behind. It appears that heavy rainfall from outside then begins to leak through the theatre ceiling into the auditorium. Water damage to the ceiling above can be clearly seen. We understand from theatre management that it is the responsibility of City of York Council to maintain external aspects of the theatre, and a dialogue has long been ongoing over repair of the roof.

In the interests of audience safety and comfort, the required repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.

How long will it be until plaster and masonry start falling on to the audience?

With planned refurbishment of this wonderful historical building due next year, does it not make sense to protect people and décor now?

I for one would have no objection to my council tax contributing towards the cost.

Bob Scott, Drakes Close, Huntington, York