IT WAS interesting to read in The Press that Parliament Street was originally designed to hold the market (A crystal clear vision of York street market, July 31).

Now, with the temporary closure of Newgate Market, we are seeing what a good idea that was.

The market stalls add vibrancy and life to Parliament Street every day and the market traders seem to be doing a roaring trade.

Would it not make sense to keep the regular market in Parliament Street and turn Newgate Market into a more continental style market square, with outdoor cafés and tourist stalls?

The specialist markets, like the St Nicholas Fair, could use Newgate Market, St Sampson’s Square and the far end of Parliament Street - helping the regular market traders rather than distracting from them.

Parliament Street looks great with its new stalls, let’s keep it like that.

Maureen Vevers, Fulford Park, York.