ONE of the more unusual floral exhibits in York must be the butterfly bush (buddleia) in full bloom growing out of the footpath in Rawcliffe Lane, opposite the junction with Brompton Road.

It shows how little inspection or sweeping has been done. The surface had a coating of tar about 20 years ago. This has almost disappeared.

The three Clifton councillors who have been de-selected by the Labour party seem to have been unaware this part of Rawcliffe Lane from Shipton Road to Malton Way is in their Ward. Perhaps the new prospects, if elected next year, will bear this in mind.

For years the city council was more or less evenly balanced between Conservative and Labour, all unpaid volunteers; as the current Labour is in such bad order and the Tories and Lib-Dems almost non-existent, next year could be the time for more independents.

The children at Joseph’s Nursery in Rawcliffe Lane have a den in the woods at the back. A large branch came off a tree close to the den and it was a mercy no children were in the area at the time.

Bill Heppell, Riseborough House, Rawcliffe Lane, York.